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Miyuki Hasekura

Painter, Author, Court Gagaku Poet
While being one of the leading painters in Japan, she is also called “the miracle artist” for her activities in wide fields, disregarding genre, from science, economics to education.

Her rich style overflowing with poetic sentiment built up a reputation not only in Japan but also in the artistic scenes of the world such as the US or Europe and widened the range of her activities. 

Furthermore, she also possesses the face of the court music poet cherishing the Japanese culture and passing it down to the next generation and she carries on the traditional arts and carries on educational activities of the Japanese heart as the representative director of the General Incorporated Association of Akenouta Gagaku Association.

In 2016, she played the roll of the Sun Goddess in the First Amanoiwato Opening Ritual carried out at the Hiraoka Shrine, Ichinomiya of the Kawachi Country and recited the song chant she created along with the 80 shrine maiden. 

In addition, she has taken on tasks of seminar lecturer and development of educational contents and presented the Japanese Educational Tool, “Otohime Cards” etc., and the next generation type learning method “Insight Reading”.

The new method fusing together art, science, literature and history is supported by a wide range of age groups and professions and there are more than a thousand students. 

the “Otohime Cards” have spread overseas and receives attention as new learning material for education of the Japanese language.

As for her history as a painter, in addition to exhibitions all over Japan, her work was selected in 2004 at the “Sausalito Art Festival”, one of the leading art festivals in United States. Exhibitions in the U.S. was very popular.

In 2016, her work was selected at the “France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition” (The National Art Center).

In 2017 she became a special recommended artist in the Italian Art Exhibition.

In the same year, she received International Peace Award in the Art and Culture Section from the Indian National Ghandi Smitri Museum.

In 2018, she was the first in history to win the Popular Artist Award for two consecutive years in the Nihon no Bijutu Zenkoku Senbatsu Sakkaten (Japanese Art All Japan Selection Artist Exhibition). 

Member of World Peace Art Association. Honorary Member of Royal Society of British Artists.

As an author, her works range in many fields starting from mental health, dieting to economics.

Counting the books of paintings, there are more than 50 books up to now.

Among the major works are “30 + 1 Words that Makes Life Shine” (Wanipurasu), “How to Make Your Dream Come True Easily!” (Sanmaaku Shuppan), “Happiness Notebook Inviting Miracles” (Tokuma Shoten), “Secret of Rich Money with Space on Your Side” (Tokuma Shoten)


Furthermore, as one of her multiple talents, she also has the faces of aroma therapist, jewelry energy advisor, sports club Chinese breath control exercise teacher and teachers of art and English.

Thinking that “living is art”, she pursues the stance of enjoying life as a whole. Her dream is making Earth into an amusement park, wishing herself and those around her and the earth to richly prosper, carries out various activities with her friends. 

Born in Hokkaido. A mother of three children. Her hobbies are travelling, music and art. 

Painting History

Osaka Prefecture Health Promotion Poster Contest Governor Award Winner.

Debuts as Sankei Living newspaper company illustrator.

Began activities as a painter. We announce book cover and others, work and calendar every year (to date).

Selected for the International Artist category at the Sausalito Art Festival, one of the nation's leading art festivals. Private exhibition in San Francisco.


Selected as USA All Posters of Arts. It is put together with the work of Gogh et al.


One or two yearly exhibitions, lectures and seminars, and 2-3 books per year.


National solo exhibition tour started (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Kyushu, Okinawa).

Selected for the Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition. Displayed at the National Art Center, Tokyo.


22nd Japan Art National Selection Artist Exhibition Popular Artist Award Winner (Ueno no Mori Art Museum)
Selected for the Italian Art Award Exhibition. Displayed in the city of Favara, Sicily as a special recommendation writer.
Received the International Peace Badge in the Arts and Culture category from the National Gandhi Memorial Hall.


As an honorary member of the Royal Artists Association of the United Kingdom, he will give a representative speech in Japan in London.
 Displayed paintings at the United Nations Headquarters in Europe at the International Peace Memorial Exhibition.


The 24th Japan National Artist Selected Artists Exhibition Popular Artist Award Winner in History Continuously (3 years)
Won third place in the international art competition contest section. (Italy)
We plan to study abroad in Academia, Italy, from August 2019 to April 2020 as the above-mentioned additional award.

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